Word on the Street

"This workshop was a great way to open my eyes to new ideas and new ways of looking at our work centers. It provided training in evaluations that I will be able to use in my presentations to management to incite real change. This was a great use of time!"

Talyn Herson, Training Coordinator, Schupan Aluminum & Plastic Sales

"Heather really knows her stuff and is a pleasure to work with!  She has a very good knowledge of all relevant EHS regulations. She does an outstanding job identifying workplace hazards and developing policies and procedures to reduce accidents and exposure to harmful situations and substances. She is an excellent trainer and can effectively communicate with both front line technicians and company executives. She is very good at creating a culture of safety and encouraging staff at doing more than the law requires to provide a safe and healthy workplace environment."

Phil Beezhold

"As a new individual in the Health and Safety field I don’t know what I would have done without the continued guidance and knowledge Heather continues to share with me. She has mentored me into a safety role within my company and has created policy that we as a company can follow for years to come.”

Danne Burns

"Heather has such a wide breadth of knowledge when it comes to safety and working through the issues that came up in our company.  We have relied on her to help us take our safety program to the next level and train our employees on why safety is important.  She has a way of communicating that does not talk over people’s heads and helps them understand the need for a safety program.  We would not be where we are in our safety program without Heather."

Laura Cunningham