Starting Something Special

I like people and I love seeing positive change, which is why I started Paradigm Safety. The reason is so simple!

Heather with Kevin, client of Paradigm Safety.
Kevin and I have worked over the last 4 years improving his organization's safety program while building a fun, collaborative relationship!

Engaging employees in all aspects of a safety program builds trust, shows respect to employees, and allows an organization to design systems that everyone can believe in. Paradigm Safety partners with organizations to put people at the center of their safety systems.

I’m always surprised at how often employees are not given the opportunity to share their ideas and be a part of the problem-solving process. Some of my most memorable career moments happen when leading workshops where executives are partnered with their hourly co-workers to come up with solutions to their safety issues. The teamwork is inspiring!

As the owner of Paradigm and a safety professional with more than 20 years of experience, I consider myself a partner and mentor to the businesses I work with. I want people to be involved in the process and to appreciate the various aspects of safety, the related regulations, and to gain an understanding of when those regulations apply.

I hope that the organizations I work with have a shift in their thinking (a paradigm shift you might say!) and embrace a “Safety Always” style of thinking that integrates that safety mindset and the related habits into daily operations.

In 2018, I recognized a need in the local community for safety services. That’s when Paradigm Safety came into existence.

Small businesses employ almost 50% of the private workforce in Michigan. Many of these businesses do not have an in-house safety professional. For many small businesses, it’s not financially practical to hire a safety person and, more often than not, someone in Facilities or Human Resources ends up having responsibility for safety.

As businesses grow, the number of safety requirements can grow exponentially. Having a safety professional as a project-based or part-time resource is one way to ensure employees have a safe working environment, and that the business is meeting its regulatory requirements.

Additionally, this third-party safety professional can help bridge any gaps that may exist between employees and management to help build an inclusive and proactive safety culture.

Today, some of the services Paradigm Safety provides include:

• Gap assessments (compliance, systems, culture related)

• Safety culture surveys

• Mock OSHA audits

• Ergonomic evaluations

• Safety program and policy development

• Workshops for leadership

• Training – compliance programs, OSHA 10-hour

• Safety committee development and coaching

• Ergonomic team training

• Partnerships to promote a proactive safety culture and engage employees

I like people and that's the reason I started Paradigm Safety. I love the process of getting to know my clients and their employees. I love seeing change happen and to be a part of that journey. I’ll lead when I need to, teach as much as possible, celebrate successes and cheer you along, and make sure that when we’re done, there are sustainable, practical safety systems to keep employees engaged and keep your workplace safe.

If you would like information on the services Paradigm Safety provides and how we can help your company provide a safe, enjoyable place to work for your employees, please visit the Contact page and drop me a line!

I look forward to working with your organization and helping to make sure your employees go home safe every day.